Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello ~ Singapore Biennale 2011!

The Singapore Biennale this year was organised by the Singapore Art Museum of the National Heritage Board and supported by the National Arts Council, Singapore. The exhibition period is from 13 - 15 May. The popular venue this year was the Merlion Hotel & the Old Kallang Airport.

The first person who informed me about the event was Holly. Cant really recall how many months ago??? And it slipped off my mind.
I have never wanted to go until Westie told me about the place again. She just kept on selling and selling the Biennale. It was also thru her blog(Westie link can be found by the side) that i saw some interesting pictures. As my schedule was pretty occupied this week, i can only choose one of the venue and i chose the airport because of the hangar.

Since its all about arts, i hope my pictures relates some artistic views thru the use of B&W films. After all, Photography is an art as well :)

The arts on display!

The kids drawing



There are alot of arts on display which i really cant appreciate...i wonder the others can? I was drawn towards the aircon and fans more!

So i decided to create my form of art thru the use of my lens.



The best part of the whole thing!
The old hangar!



And with the last picture of the hangar above, i closed my arty classy pictures corner!

I have to admit! The whole trip for me was about photography, taking pictures and more pictures..and i was glad to bring along a roll of Portra 400. The weather was hot but just nice for everyone, including my film!
Giving abit of credit to my broken and terrible minolta autocord...i ruined a roll of film for it...but at least, it took some decent pics for me..

Everyone was busy with their kites at this small space...(Westie later informed me that there was a kite making class for that day). I wonder why is she so well informed of all the activities when she isnt planning to go...




The lovely Hangar again!!! But its in color! Wonderful colors!

The old windows glowing under the light was simply beautiful!


No one else took this shot from the position i took! I just think its really beautiful to have some lalang in sight!


I know this entry came abit too late for those who still wish to catch it...but hopefully the pictures compensate a little of what you have missed.

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