Sunday, April 17, 2011

My 120mm roll on minolta autocord

It's been a while since i last update the blog.
Having my annual In camp training as well as solving issues with the seller of my newly acquired minolta autocord. There is something wrong with the camera and im glad that we resolve the issue amicably. I got back the partial refund that i wanted.
Recently, i started developing my first 120mm format black white negative. As usual, something happened and the first roll was gone. It was a little sad for me as there are some really nice pictures captured.

Not giving up, i tried a 2nd roll immediately and finally got some better results. Guess i need to practice more in handling the negatives.

Can see the bokeh went out of shape.
Untitled-Scanned-04 w yellow filter

Untitled-Scanned-07 w yellow filter

Untitled-Scanned-08 w yellow

Untitled-Scanned-09 w orange filter

Untitled-Scanned-03 w yellow filter

Untitled-Scanned-01 w yellow filter

Untitled-Scanned-05 w orange filter

I lost 3 last frame which i cant understand if its the camera or the developing process. Will try a roll of color negative and get the lab to scan for me.

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