Sunday, February 23, 2014

Barnack - Leica IIIf

This is my first barnack style rangefinder and I never thought that i would hold one, use one and even own one.
Not that it was an expensive camera, but more of its usability of the camera. Its slower, more restrictive in terms of handling and the 2 different views between the rangefinder and viewfinder making it more challenging to focus and frame.

I bought it because i wanted to pair it with my Summitar and after a few sessions with it, other than the camera is light, its generally a new experience in shooting on streets.
Leica IIIf, Summitar

In fact, i love the 1.5x magnification effect from the rangefinder and if there is a slightest complain about this, it would be that when you are focusing on the subject, you do not see the surrounding in the viewfinder. This makes it harder for you to react to the changes in the surrounding.
Leica IIIf, Summitar

I'm going to bring it with me to Malacca, and definitely a nice camera to get some attention!

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