Friday, December 27, 2013

My 2 favourite Vintage 50mm lenses

Aside from the canon lenses, there are 2 other vintage lenses that have been with me for a very long time. It has never crossed my mind to sell any of these 2 lenses.
The rendering from both lenses are amazing and in fact full of character...

The Chiyoko 5cm f2 is a 7 elements/ 4 groups, following summitar design, throws out high contrast images in bnw and my copy seems to rendered swirly bokeh when shot at f2.

The Nikkor 5cm f2 has 6 elements/ 3 groups, single coated, it was believed to be a planar design lens..
This lens is a great lens for portrait, soft and glowy...(not as bad as the signature glow from the f1.4 lens)

As the market get quieter, these 2 lens are not too difficult to search for at a reasonable price.

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