Saturday, November 23, 2013

Canon 35mm f1.5

The fastest Canon 35mm lenses in the rangefinder section, the Canon 35mm f1.5 ltm. I couldnt really find much info about this lens except that its made in 1958 and its 8 elements.
The price of this lens has soar much recently due to its collector value.

I managed to find a nice copy with the help from Benny...
Canon 35mm f1.5 ltm

This lens is much more compact than i have thought it will be.
Canon 35mm f1.5 ltm

The funny thing about shopping in Japan's camera store, sometimes the owner will offer you a camera body as a "rear lens cap" and price for the body are usually in this case, i got the Canon 7 as well.
Canon 35mm f1.5 ltm

I just loaded a roll of film...and time to bring it out for some street shoots....
Canon 35mm f1.5 ltm

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