Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nikon 28 Ti

I was going thru the various options on a compact camera for myself. I know that i needed one even after many years of self denial. With my recent new shooting style and the gear that i brought along with me, a compact camera will definitely fit in better during travel.

I was adamant about choosing a 28mm lens compact, i knew that if i were to get 35mm lens compact camera it would over lap with the focal length that i already had on the lenses that i had for my rangefinder.
28mm is something that i lack. However, a wide lens would definitely mean a high price. Searching for one would be tough. I googled and asked my friends and the choices left was little.
Klasse W is considered the best, but definitely the most expensive. The Ricoh GR series is famous, but prone to mechanical issues and not to mention the over price for a copy these days.

So it seems like the only better option that im left with is the Nikon 28 Ti. I read that its expensive(but cheaper than the above 2) and bulky but functionality wise, Nikon built a really solid compact camera. I hardly read anything on the breakdown of this camera.

So, here's my copy....the titanium camera body is amazing...
Nikon 28 Ti

The Nikon 28Ti was released in 1994. The name refers to the 28mm f/2.8 Nikkor lens. Its most distinguishing feature is the analog display on top. Four needle-style dials indicate focusing distance, aperture, frame number and exposure correction. This really "wow" me when i first saw how it works.Nikon 28 Ti

The lens has a seven elements (in five groups) and are coated using Nikon's Integrated Coating and ED (extra low dispersion) glass. This results in a superior lens with high contrast, very good optical corrections, and pretty similar in quality to a Leica rangefinder lens of that era.
Nikon 28 Ti

So with this camera, the next is to load a roll of film and see the results myself.

Canon 60D, 35mm f2

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