Thursday, May 2, 2013

Here we come...

A day visit to the local Mandai Zoo with Jace...
It has changed quite a lot with my last visit 3 years ago. The close distance experience with these animals really makes a difference.

Adventurous trip to Mandai Zoo

At your own risk!

Ever dream of exploring the wild just like those shown in Natgeo channels?...well, at least the zoo is something closest to that if you cant afford a trip there...
Camping for a shot

Well not all kids enjoyed zoo.....:) At least not for her.
Adventurous trip to Mandai Zoo

The affections to animals shown from a tourist who signed up for the feeding session....Lucky Tortoise!
Lucky tortoise...such affections

Fuji X-E1, CV 75mm f2.5 ltm

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