Saturday, September 1, 2012


There are alot of first time in this entry.

My first visit to Woodleigh despite staying so near...
My first time shooting in a cemetry area
My first time using a green filter
& My first scan with Epson V600..

I had a great experience with all of the above...
Woodleigh is a place to get away from city noise and to experience nature..a place that is good for a stroll, or jog but definitely not a place for picnic...(With all the crawlies and non maintenance) ..

It was a good place for big camera users like the large format group where they had the luxury of time to set up their big cameras...except for some joggers, the place was pretty much left alone...

The start of the path

The old trees were a sight there...and i love the sky that morning



Bronica SQ-Ai, 40mm f4 PS with Green filter
Acros 100, R09

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