Sunday, February 19, 2012

My personal encounter with a Large format camera

If there is really one form of photography or system that i would try as much as possible to keep away from....that would be the Large format system. The poisonous 4x5 prints are deadly.

Quoted from Kenrockwell(thou i dont really like this guy)and had to agree on the below...
"4x5 excels in not just resolution, but because it can force the plane of best focus to match your subject (no need for depth of field), as well as its native perspective correction and exaggeration abilities."

I had a really close experience with it when i met zimmerman(the one who sold me the Bronica system), he showed me the amount of time needed to set the camera up and the quality of the prints from it...Indeed, it was not as tough as i thought it would be.

Somehow it motivated me to join my first MF/LF outing.

This belongs to Zguy, who purposely set up to show us how it looks like!

Looking thru the frame is like looking at an inverted ipad. The images are inverted..

And demonstrating to us, how they focus and shoot...

I definitely believed that there will be a day when i try this camera, but before that, i might need to go figure out how to develop the 4x5 negatives and slides. The only reason if you ask me, that i will consider shooting a LF would most probably be the quality of slides that i wish to see in a 4x5 format...
But no ones develop a 4x5 slides these days, so unless i learn to do it...if not, most probably i will still stick to a 6 x6 medium format..

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