Monday, September 26, 2011

Nikon S2

It all started with the Canon LTM lenses that got me real interested to try the Nikkor lenses as well and it wasnt just me alone, there was a craze over these lenses in the market these days.
With that, the prices went incredibly high these days and its not easy to find a copy in good condition.

While i was about to give up searching for one, someone was selling the S mount version on Rangefinder forum at a reasonably price. With the advice from Jon, it didnt take me long before i commit myself to take over the setup. So instead of buying a Nikkor 5cm f1.4 in LTM mount, the similar price with a little top up got me a S2 rangefinder with the 5cm lens and a 2.8cm lens.

So now, im a Nikon S mount user :)

The S2 was introduced in 1955 and the main kit lens for this rangefinder was the famous nikkor 5cm f1.4 sonnar. This camera offers a 1:1 viewfinder with 50mm frameline.



This camera is light and the main feature was the focusing dial where shooting with one hand is made possible.

I was expecting something more terrible given the price it was sold but it turned out to be in pristine condition especially the lenses.

The only thing to note on the S2 was the mounting and dismounting of lens from the rangefinder which is uniquely the Nikon S manner. Once you get used to it, everything seems easy.

I have already ran 2 rolls of film over this camera and its really a user joy to use it.

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