Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Camera & Me

My Digital Camera

The first camera that i bought using my own savings was a Canon Ixus 870.
I got influenced by a close friend, Lainey whom unselfishly lent me her Canon 1000D(Which was the most updated series),and this started my interest in Photography.

However, a point and shoot compact camera has very limited functions and as i progress, the limitations of this camera makes me yearned for something more advanced. I wanted more control over the camera.
So within 2 months, i have gotten my first DSLR, which was a Canon 400D, bought off a local forum from a nice lady.

Till this day, despite all the buying and selling of lenses, this camera is still growing strong. Only the day when this camera is unable to function anymore, shall it say goodbye.

Back to the Old days
My interest in Photography has gradually progress out of the boundaries of just digital photography.
There was a strong passion for film photography ever since the day i tried my first roll of negative which i recall was a primera 200. The feel was completely different from a digital photo and i was smitten with the result of it. Shooting film gave me a new perspective to photography. I am more cautious about clicking the shutter, and finding new ways to frame my subjects.

Ironically, my first film camera was a Diana mini(toy camera), which once again was under the influence of Fionis, and that was the beginning from plastic camera to serious camera like a rangefinder etc...

To date, I am bringing my Rangefinder to the streets more often than my DSLR.
I couldn't see myself stop shooting on negative and maybe if that day were to come, it would be the day where the supply market for negative no longer exist.

This blog was created to share some of the pictures that i took and hopefully create a bigger public interest in Photography:)

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